Monday, August 23, 2004

Another Dreamer

Journal Letters
23rd August
Elected assembly would reflect opinions of region’s population

I am in favour of an elected assembly to represent the interests of the people of the North East.

Part of the problem we all face in this region is that so many of the decisions, which affect what happens here, are made by London-based civil servants and members of unelected quangos.

Our own elected assembly would not only make a positive difference to the way the region is run as it would reflect the opinions of the North East population, but it would also give us a distinctive and clear voice to argue our case at national and international level.

P Rivers

Responses from North East Journal readers to

-which decisions?
-which quangos will go?
-reflect the opinions of the North East that Sunderland and Newcastle? Is that 'North East ' opinion the same for a rural sheep farmer as it is for an urban office worker?
-who will listen to the voice at national and international level?

I am sure that the volleys fired will waken this dreamer.

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