Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Rapid Response

Response to A. Shorey
Sunderland Echo letters (2nd August)

A W Shorey "A voice for the Region" (Sunderland Echo, 2.8.2004) is exactly right when he/she writes "The assembly would enable the North East to be able to respond quicker to economic changes (and not only economic) specific to our region and give it a greater voice to encourage investment and fight our corner".

The Region would indeed have to respond quicker, for it will cut out the National Parliaments, in fact over time it will destroy the national parliament for should the EU Constitution be ratified-by hook or by crook- and the (elected)Regions of the European Union be set in place, then that will be when the federally run State of European Union will have the governing of this Country in its sight.

Electing the Regions gives people like you the ability to say, (when the people find out too late yet another deception on the scale of the 1975 referendum vote), "Ah well, this is what the people want, this is what they voted for," but you are not telling them the whole reason for this "fake" (correctly portrayed by Neil Herron) devolution.

You underestimate the people of the North, A W Shorey, for I too am from the North and the people from the North are a "canny" lot and one thing they are not, is stupid.

I have about four thousand pages (all read and understood) just on the EU's Regions alone, and I like Neil Herron and I understand that the Government want just one 'elected' REGION to 'make their case, and the Country and Nation of England will be divided forever. In the EU's eyes, Wales is one elected Region and Scotland is one Region, but Sh, do not tell the people.
Anne Palmer.

For the Editor, at a meeting in the Scottish Parliament (European Committee Official Reports-Meeting No 7 2001) "2nd May 2001 on EU Governance".
Ben Wallace: "Thank you---your answer was clear. We are aware, especially within our regional devolved national Parliament, that we have different political agendas. My colleagues in the Scottish National Party would like to have greater influence above national level and directly into Europe. As a member of a unionist party, I favour a different method. I was interested to know how constitutional regions fitted in at a national level and Mr Dammeyer has answered my question."

Mr Dammeyer:
(Committee of the Regions)"We have to respect that Scotland is a nation but, at the European level and in the European discussion, Scotland is like a region."......
Mr Luc den Brande
(Committee of the Regions)…."Secondly, building a state is a concept of the 19th century. It is important to know what our concept is for the next century. Europe is a concept of the second part of the 20th century. The question is whether we are able, in a double move, to move to a federated Europe. I know that it is not always possible to articulate the F-word in this part of Europe, but the F-word is more than a word: it is a concept. It is, in fact, the corollary of more autonomy and more self-determination for what are called regions."....

I do not know whether these are still available for it was in 2001, however here are the web pages


European Commission's Governance White Paper-

Details on the political declaration of the constitutional regions can be found at:

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