Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yes Campaign Letter Writer Now a Small Business Expert

Undercover Elephant Strikes Again
Yes Campaign letter writer is at it again, this time as an expert on small business matters. Perhaps we should be asking what her business qualifications are and how an ERA will be able to provide a 'one stop shop' for small businesses.

Will an Assembly be able to give grants to businesses?
If so how much and what basis and where will the money come from?

Will an Assembly be able to set aside any EU regulations?
If so, which ones?

Will an Assembly be able to create rent and rate free zones?
If so where and for how long and where will the money come from?

Will an Assembly have the power to close down some of the 200 agencies, and if so which ones will go?

Responses to 'dreamer' Lisa can be sent to jnl.letters@ncjmedia.co.uk

Newcastle Journal Letters 3rd August

Elected assembly will be able to help small businesses
It is certainly good news to hear that small businesses in the North East have recorded an increase in employment since 2002 ("Big news to cheer up all those little people", The Journal, August 2), but it is, however, also true that small businesses need much more focused assistance to help them grow even further.
At present, there are around 200 agencies that provide assistance to small businesses in the region. An elected regional assembly would be able to provide specific, focused assistance to the small businesses in the North East, particularly now they have been granted specific powers over business links in the recently published draft bill.
Lisa Campbell

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