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Seeems like someone is getting under their skin

Sunderland Echo Letters
3rd August

Political poppycock
WHY do we need a Regional Assembly?
We have councillors we can talk to and who are always available.
We have One North East who are supposed to look after the region’s interests.
We also have four MPs, Mr Mullin, Mr Ethrington, Mr Kemp and Ms Quin.
Why would we need an extra layer of government?

As regards Council Tax which was gone up 70 per cent since the government came to power, would we be willing to pay extra for this un-needed layer?

It seems an Assembly "with more knowledge of local conditions could perhaps offer more knowledge and support". What a load of political poppycock. They say Assembly powers were laid before Parliament. There were a load of "mights", "could bes" and "you never knows!" Well, we do know and the majority will have already decided whether or not we want this costly, mini-powered extra layer of government.
Marjorie Matthews, Sunderland

Tedious to read
HOW much more do we have to take of the arch bore Herron with his half-baked theories about the European Union and the election of a regional assembly? Who is this fellow? He has been described as a businessman and a market trader with a fish stall, and while it is admirable of the editor to allow anyone no matter how stupid or self-important to air their views it is now becoming tedious to read his rants so regularly in the Echo. It would perhaps be useful to hear his views about fish, but about politics? No thank you.
Angela Scott, South Shields

No alternative
I MUST agree with Lisa Campbell and David Taylor-Gooby (Echo, July 23), that despite their maze of abject criticism, the fact remains the Anti-NRA campaign has no viable alternatives to the proposed assembly and by lacking in alternatives, all they have to offer the people of this region is permanent second best.

No matter how carefully their campaign is dressed-up and presented, without viable alternatives, their Assembly protestations are lacklustre and appear to demonstrate an unwholesome indifference to the welfare of this region’s people.

It really is ridiculous to say, the proposed assembly would lack power, when as things stand, unelected quangos, are preventing this region from moving on to better things.
Quangos introduced – without a vote – by the party the anti’s mostly support. The Blair Government has always recognised success; and it makes sense more power would follow a successful assembly, especially with all factions fighting behind its cause, at the expense of petty politics.

Is it any wonder, the Sunderland electorate refuse to alter their Labour allegiance to an opposition so lacking in ideas and political guile? An opposition that has lost all sense of direction and no longer appears to have a political role, other than the distribution of apathy.
Fred Brady, Sunderland

IN further response to Neil Herron’s correspondence (Echo, July 17) where he apparently misinterpreted words, voice in the wilderness and thorn in the side from my initial perspicuous letter (Echo, June 28) to mean someone or voice is too small to make a difference.

As one who believes in free speech regardless of status, I would like the opportunity to give the correct description of the aforementioned words.

The definition of voice in the wilderness is an unheeded advocate of reform. This correctly describes Neil Herron’s recent political experience where his calls from an anti-European soapbox advocating reform in EU policies went unheeded by the majority of voters who rejected him and his message, full stop.

The definition of thorn in the side means someone being a constant nuisance. The definition is someone causing trouble or annoyance.

Neil Herron told the Echo after he lost the election he would continue to be an annoyance. All I suggested in my initial letter was that because of his defeat, he would now be considered less of a nuisance – by those in the corridors of power – than before.
W Quinn, Sunderland

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