Monday, September 20, 2004

Liberals attack Electoral Commission decision

Cllr Steve Radford
Chairman of The Liberal Party
41 Sutton StreetTuebrookLiverpool
L13 7EG0151 259 5935

Dear Editor
We all know that Labour dropped the proposed referenda to be carried out inYorkshire and the North West because they could not win !

The next calculated manipulation is that the Designated organization and publicly funded campaign for the NO vote in the North East is little more than a recently initiated Tory Front.

What better way to increase the likelihood of a Yes Vote in the North East to present those as saying No being a Tory rag bag army.

The long standing and much broader based NO Campaign led by Neil Herron was set aside .

No doubt Labour did not want a No vote organised and led by working class people based in the heart of the urban North East, Sunderland.

A group who understood from the beginning that the Assembly will have very few powers, no tax raising ability, would add another layer of government, lead to the loss of many smaller councils and be just another Labour dominated talking shop.

Lets trust that despite this manipulative step the people of the North Eastwill see how little is on offer and reject this inadequate fudge.
Cllr Steve Radford
Chairman of The Liberal Party

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