Friday, March 10, 2006

12,761 'unlawful' parking tickets issued

Sunderland Echo
Friday, March 10, 2006

Council bosses have admitted they issued 12,761 "unlawful" parking tickets after being told by their own lawyers to change them.
They have said they will not pursue fines for drivers who had not yet paid fines for tickets that did not include a date of issue.
Apart from 46 people who paid up after the council received legal advice on November 25, they said the rest of the 12,761 tickets will stand.
But parking campaigner Neil Herron has predicted the decision will be challenged in the courts and could land the council with a £380,000 bill.
The council was told by its own lawyers on June 14 last year to change the tickets, but only took action after fresh advice on November 25.
Mr Herron said: "The dam has been breached now. If the tickets were unlawful for the people who haven't paid they are unlawful for the people who did."

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Anonymous said...

to neil heron
what gives you the right to say what you want about traffic wardens if people parked legally they would not be given parking tickets why dont you,get a life instead of persecuting people who are just doing a job

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