Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pride not Prejudice

I do believe that I was the other individual "trying to make a name by promoting prejudice and ignorance".
I look forward to my detractor coming forward and identifying himself.

Northern Echo
Hear All Sides
14th March 2006


I AGREE that Ken Livingstone's remarks were offensive but we had the opportunity to read them in the media and ridicule him accordingly (Echo Comment, Mar 1).
It may all be water off a duck's back for Ken but, in the British way, the wider public were made aware of the comments and reacted within the spirit of freedom of speech.
A few months back, the Echo covered a story I was involved in, namely my preference for the English flag to fly ahead of the EU flag at Wear Valley District Council (WVDC).
Subsequently, I requested the secretary's notes from the WVDC meeting that had discussed the issue, and was amazed by a comment made by a prominent councillor, referring to "two individuals trying to make a name by promoting prejudice and ignorance".
I sought clarification of the comments but, as the Echo recently highlighted, councils and perhaps councillors can be perceived to have distanced themselves from the public.
I have no wish to pursue this individual, but I request, in the true spirit of British freedom of speech, that he clarifies his remarks and allows the public to judge. I trust an apology to the English nation will be forthcoming. -

Jim Tague, Bishop Auckland.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt any apology will be coming from that lot. Charles Kennedy once told the Lib/Dems "be wicked",
and that's what they are.

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