Thursday, November 04, 2004

Today's News Bulletin

The North East No Campaign
4th November 2004

Today's Referendum News...
Quite a bit going on today as we approach the close of play. We are on the verge of an historic victory, and we will take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support, whether it be physical, financial or moral. It is not necessary to single out individuals because this has been one dedicated team effort...'of the people, by the people, for the people,' and everyone who has played even the smallest part has been as important as the big players.
We have taken on the almighty force of Government and its powerful and well funded propaganda machine as well as the very well funded Yes Campaign and had them on the back foot for over two years.
Tomorrow morning we will witness the results of this dedication and effort.

Meanwhile there is plenty news to report on today and we crank up the agenda with a direct assault on the unelected assembly (first story), and the former Leader of Sunderland Council has perfect timing (see last story).

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When a No vote is achieved then the unelected Assembly must disband

And now another mention in Hansard...

Prescott's Job on the line when his 'pet' dies

No Letters in the Papers...

Three Parties agree on something!

A No vote is the beginning, not the end.

Kennedy... "Blame Blair for the defeat."

The final countdown...

Letters to the Times

Oh Mr. Anderson...and we thought you were a gastronome and a europhile

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Anonymous said...

Surely it's all still to play for?
Surely it's all still to play for?

Neil Herron said...

It was over before it even began.The White Paper in 2002 was the end.

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