Monday, November 21, 2005

Another flag victory for the People's No Campaign

As we force another flag to be removed from a public building the Government begins a desperate attempt to appease our European masters.
We will be raising the temperature on this one especially as the EU flag in many instances will be flown ahead of the Cross of St. George.
Please support The People's No Campaign as we drive this initiative forward. The more funds we have the greater the pressure we will be able to bring to bear on errant local authorities.

'Ring of stars' equal to Union Jack
Christopher Booker's Notebook
Sunday Telegraph 20 November 05

Last month I reported how Wear Valley council had been forced to haul down an EU flag outside its offices. Legally this ranks as an "outdoor advertisement" and to fly it without planning permission is therefore illegal. Noting a "ring of stars" flag outside the headquarters of Cheshire police, a reader, Barry Jones, wrote to the chief constable asking whether he had permission. When his letter was ignored, he wrote again, mentioning that his letter would be sent to this column.

The police have now told him that the flag has been removed. Meanwhile the Government has announced that it is to rush through an amendment to the law. As from next year, the EU flag will be given the same status as the UK's own national flags. Our councils, police and anyone else will be free to fly it whenever they wish.


Anoneumouse said...

ACT of the Union 1707 (A Constitutional Act)
Article I
That the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England shallupon the first day of May next ensuing the date hereof and forever after be United into One Kingdom by the Name of Great Britain And that the Ensigns Armorial of the said United Kingdom be such as Her Majesty shall appoint and the Crosses of St Andrew and St George be conjoined insuch manner as Her Majesty shall think fit and used in all Flags Banners Standards and Ensigns both at Sea and Land

Anonymous said...

have you got nothing better to do nutter

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