Thursday, November 10, 2005

Conservatives speak...a year too late!

It's a pity that the Conservative Party was so far off the pace during the referendum and the Conservative backed NESNO Campaign were asked to join us, The No Campaign, at the High Court when we served the writ on Prescott (and attached the Electoral Commission as an interested party) regarding the very 'information campaign leaflet' mentioned in the report below. Sadly, they decided they couldn't join us.
The reports of how we exposed all this including photographs can be viewed here and here

From e-Politix
Referendum information ads queried

The Electoral Commission has called for the government to be banned from paying for information campaigns in future referendums.

In a report on last year's North East devolution poll released on Friday, the elections watchdog said that that ballot had been successfully run.

But the Commission expressed concern over the official information campaign, which critics have claimed was loaded in favour of a 'yes' vote.

The report recommended that the current 'purdah', in which the government, the civil service and politicians in their capacity as ministers are barred from commenting, be extended from the current 28 days until polling day to the entire length of the campaign.
At the very least, it said the length of the period should be increased to 28 days before postal ballots are distributed.

Other recommendations included a review of spending limits and the creation of a regional counting officer role.

Commission chairman Sam Younger said: "The referendums were successfully run which reflects well on all those involved, particularly the chief counting officer and his staff.
"Turnout was also encouraging but this should not distract those involved in planning for future referendums from learning the valuable lessons from the North East experience."

Conservative spokesman Caroline Spelman said the comprehensive 'no' vote in the North East had come despite the deputy prime minister's attempts to skew the poll.
"Even despite the abuse of taxpayers' money by John Prescott on propaganda, the public overwhelmingly rejected his unwanted regional assemblies," she said.
"Tougher laws need to be put in place to prevent any repeat of such abuses by ministers during any future referendum."

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wonkotsane said...

Just imagine what the no vote would have been without the propoganda. Into the 90's perhaps?

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