Monday, November 21, 2005

Robin Decrittenden v Worcester City Council...NPAS Hearing Report

The Adjudication Hearing took place at 11am 18th November 2005 at the Fownes Hotel in Worcester.
The challenge was that under the Bill of Rights Act 1689 fines levied under the 1991 Road Traffic Act were unlawful because they do not allow access or challenge by the appellant to a court of law.
The Bill of Rights is deemed a 'constitutional' statute and this was confirmed in the Metric Martyrs case heard at the High Court, the Judgment of which was handed down on 18th February 2002.
The case of Robin Decrittenden v Worcester City Council drew support and interest from across the country.

The satellite trucks and TV cameras gathered outside and members of the public turned up in their droves for the meeting. Close to 200 were installed in the room with some very nervous NPAS officials unsure of their position regarding allowing cameras into the venue.

It came to pass that the Adjudicator, Mr. Andrew Prickett, refused entry to the TV and Radio jornalists who wished to record the hearing. He also denied recording facilities to members of the public. The only recording which exists is an NPAS recording.

However, John Gardner of the British Weights and Measures Association is preparing a full transcript which will be available at this link.

The story ran on Sky News, Channel 5 and made the BBC Ten o' Clock news nationally and locally it was lead story on BBC and Carlton TV.

More reports and comnment to follow.

Various reports can be viewed on the links below:

BBC News...Man challenges fine with 1689 law
What is interesting in this report is that NPAS say that 'no case using the Bill of Rights has been successful' yet fail to state how many cases there have been.
It was stated in the hearing that NPAS cases do not create precedents yet the decision in the Sefton Case was circulated around all the local authorities.

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Tim said...

I have a feeling this case has some way to run yet.

The link to the BWMA site doesn't work - did you mean this one? de Crittenden's NPAS hearing.htm

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