Monday, November 14, 2005

Newcastle City Council in Parking Mess

Herron vs Newcastle City Council
Gosforth Magistrates Court
Newcastle Upon Tyne
14th November 2005

'Failure to pay an excess charge.'

The case got as far as the opening statements by the prosecution and cross-examination of council officials by Herron.
As the case is ongoing reporting restrictions will not be lifted...except to say that the Council have had to retreat in order to check the legislation (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002) ...because they weren't aware that the signs they are reliant upon had any legal status.
I would love to report on this one as it reveals absolute 'arrogance of office' by a local authority, but it will be even sweeter in the New Year if we are forced to highlight dozens of examples of unlawful signs in the city.
The Council asked for an adjournment.
They have until the 5th December to prepare a skeleton argument regarding the legitimacy of their car park signage.
Then back in the New Year.

A closer investigation of Newcastle City Council's signs and lines may end up with another parking nightmare for a North East city.

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