Sunday, November 27, 2005

We'll keep the Blue Flag Flying

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It appears as though my Freedom of Information request with regard to the EU flag issue 'went missing' and was only found after the planning committee meeting.
However, the EU Flag still needs permission from full council and this is a policy decision the debate for which takes place on 14th December.
We will be publishing a full list of all the councillors involved in the Committee as they will need to be lobbied.

Sunday Telegraph
Christopher Booker's notebook

(Filed: 27/11/2005)

'We'll keep the blue flag flying
Olive Brown, the Europhile former leader of a Co Durham council, hopes to replace the flag of St George currently flying outside her council offices with that of the EU. To the chagrin of Ms Brown, a member of the EU's Committee of the Regions, Wear Valley council had to haul down the "ring of stars" on one of its three flagpoles, when it was pointed out that this was illegal without planning permission. On Thursday the council voted unanimously to give itself permission to fly the EU flag, although 19 members of the public had lodged objections, with none in favour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,

It might be better to use the following link as this is the one that started post Council meeting last Thursday.


Anonymous said...

The latest EU flag debate is via the following link on Wear Valley District Council website:

Jim Tague

Anonymous said...

best idea is to pull them down and burn these "Foreign Flags"


Rob said...

over my dead body!


mark starr said...

Susan Peart of the Home Office has advised me that consultations will begin next month about flying flags within "the overall review of advertisment regulations"
When I have further info I will post again.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of green olives and black ones, but not brown ones.
Is it some sort of hybrid? :-)

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