Monday, November 14, 2005

Transport Committee Caught 'Bang to Rights'

The circular below has been sent to all who made submissions and to any other 'connected' parties.
Trouble is that everyone who made submissions by the 2nd October deadline would not be aware of the change and therefore their submissions will be affected.
It seems that the Herron submission of 1st November has them all running for cover (up).
The full complaint to the Transport Committee can be read here.

Committee Office
House of Commons
7 Millbank
Enquiries 020 7219 6263
Fax 020 7219 0909
Website click here

Committee Office
Information Line for recorded information about Committee meetings:
020 7219 2033
Finding a Space for Parking Policy
[Revised 8 November 2005
The press notice below was amended on Tuesday 8 November 2005. The original version included the phrase "parking fines raised nearly £1 billion in 2004". This was in fact the total income from all parking activities: which includes income from on and off street parking, charges and residents parking permits. The press notice was amended accordingly to clarify that the amount quoted referred to the surplus income from parking charges and penalty charges.]

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