Friday, November 25, 2005

Wear Valley District Council...Unanimous decision to betray England

Last night 14 Wear Valley District Councillors voted unanimously to approve planning consent to fly the EU Flag.
The People's No Campaign had previously forced them to remove it as they were not legally entitled to do so.
Since it was removed the Cross of St. George has been proudly flying. Now the Council intends to remove the English Flag and replace it with the 'Ring of Stars.'

The arrogance of these elected individuals is staggering...
'Our aim - to be the best District Council in England'

Read the BBC coverage here

It is important that this betrayal of England and the flag in favour of the corrupt, unaccountable and undemocratic EU is spread as far and wide as possible

Leave your comments here on the Wear Valley website:

The letters page for the Newcastle Journal is and the Northern Echo is and it is important that public revulsion is articulated.

We will continue to pursue the Council as it still has to make a policy use public money to promote a political project...and this falls foul of the Section 19 of the Local Authority Guidelines on publicity.


Anonymous said...

So much for Democracy, still Council elections are due soon.

Anonymous said...

These people are arrogant and out of touch. Keep protesting, Neil!

Anonymous said...

You, sad, sad man, Neil. Have you and your little Englander cronies got nothing better do with your time? Your pathetic protests have a ring of Victor Meldrew about them.

Neil Herron said...

I don't believe it!!

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