Friday, November 25, 2005

Herron on TalkSport...Parking Fine Mess

Neil Herron is on the Mike Dickin Show on TalkSport this Sunday evening 11pm - 2am (1053 - 1089 mw).
The subject...Parking Fines and out of control local authorities...a stealth tax on the motorist.

We will be exposing the illegality of decriminalised parking enforcement.

We will be exposing local authorities acting illegally.

We will be exposing rogue companies exploiting the sytem without any checks and balances.

The last time the show ran the subject the switchboard lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Should you wish to call the programme the number is 08704 202020


Anonymous said...

Heard the programme. Excellent. About time the population of this country started fighting back against these semi-official scams.

Anonymous said...


You should try the Ian Collins Show on during the day 10am-1pm.

He loves the motorist, and there would be a far bigger audience.

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