Thursday, November 24, 2005

Press Release:- Wear Valley Council and that EU Flag

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Press Release
The People's No Campaign
Thursday 24th November 2005

"Wear Valley District Council desperate to remove the English 'Cross of St. George' Flag
...and replace it with the European Union 'Ring of Stars."

Wear Valley District Council is tonight attempting to seek planning permission to fly the EU Flag after previously being forced to remove it by People's No Campaigners, Jim Tague and Neil Herron.

The planning application, using £265 of public money appears to be a desperate attempt to legitimise the flying of the EU's 'Ring of Stars' after being embarassingly caught out flying it illegally.

However, it is still not lawful to fly the flag because it is not the flag of a nation state but of a political project and thus they would fall foul of Section 19 of the Local Authority Guidelines on Publicity..." you cannot use public money to attempt to persuade the public on a question of policy."

Neil Herron states, "The issue of our membership of the European Union is politically contentious and one for national Government and not for promotion by Local Authorities. Their limited resources would be better spent on issues, which are important to the local community and not for political ‘grandstanding’ on behalf of elected members who are in favour of the ‘European Project,' including former leader Olive Brown who is the North East alternate member on the EU's Committee of the Regions.
Quite why WVDC Council, the Council which states on its website, 'our aim – is to become the best District Council in England’ wishes to have the English flag removed therefore is quite beyond me."

Jim Tague states, " In light of the Council's wish to become the best District Council in England I trust they will be consulting the whole of the District on their preference of which particular flag they would like see flying...the Cross of St. George or the EU's Ring of Stars. Surely a council with such aspirations would not fear the outcome of full public consultation. After all, as servants of the people I am sure that they would not wish to be seen as acting as our masters."

It is expected that this issue will have implications for all other Local Authorities who are also unlawfully flying the EU Flag and I am sure that our pro EU Government will be watching events very closely.

G K Chesterton in his poem 'Secret People' states:
"For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet."

If Wear Valley District Council and other Local Authorities continue with their arrogant affront to England and the English people then they will find that the people who haven't yet spoken are ones to be feared when they do find their voice.


Neil Herron
0191 565 7143
07776 202045
Jim Tague
07704 664 223

Notes to Editors:

Committee Meeting takes place at 6pm 4th Floor Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Crook, County Durham, DL15 9ES.

This Campaign is part of The People's No Campaign initiative to force the removal of the EU Flag from all public buildings.
The successes have previously been reported in the Christopher Booker Column in the Sunday Telegraph but this is the first instance where an authority is actually spending money to effectively remove the English flag in favour of the EU 'Ring of Stars.'
Booker Report of 2nd October when the EU Flag was removed here

The full submission to Wear Valley District Council Development Control Committee 24th November 2005
By Neil Herron
can be viewed here

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Anonymous said...

why do I have to advertise a Political entity on my Driving Licence I do not agree with, can I have the UKIP symbol instead(also a Political symbol)?


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