Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Poll ... indulge yourself

The Independent on Sunday
Poll of the week

Should Britain go metric?
The former Labour leader Neil Kinnock says Britain should have metric road signs in time for the 2012 Olympics. What do you think? Vote now, and add a comment. Results and best comments will be published in this weekend's Independent on Sunday
Please e-mail with your answers.

My post is below:
Lord Kinnock's support has sounded the death knell for this minority held opinion. For any political party to propose such a change would be political suicide ... and at a cost upwards of £1billion for the signs alone then this washed up political has been has simply endorsed this proposal as a condition of his £75k per annum pension taxed at 11% ... to continue to promote 'european integration.'
Lord Kinnock supported the euro, the european constitution and now metrication. Looks like he has finally got a treble up ... three non-runners!

You can count me as a NO.

Neil Herron
Campaign Director
Metric Martyrs Defence Fund
0191 565 7143

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