Monday, February 27, 2006

Pro Metric Metro newspaper attempts to distort poll ... get involved

Dear all,

There is a poll on metric road signs running at the moment on Metro, the pro-metric free London newspaper.

Our opponents are claiming it's more representative of public opinion. The current figures are ( 51% keep miles on road signs / 49% switch to kilometres).

Compare this with the results from all the other recent national polls which all ran out at 95%+

Then look at the wording of this poll.

Click here to vote

I am sure that you will wish to get involved once you know that Lord Kinnock is supportive of the change, that it will cost upwards of £800m for the signs alone not to mention the ridiculous task of converting 35m imperially prominent speedometers.

Give these people a millimetre and they'll take our mile.

Please forward this e-mail to all your contacts and ask them to cast a vote.


Neil Herron
Metric Martyrs Defence Fund
0191 565 7143

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Derek Buxton said...

Someone on the voting site said "yes, it's modern". Since when was Napoleon modern? The metric system dates back to late 1700/ early 1800, and the French still ignore it.

Derek Buxton

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