Friday, February 24, 2006

UKMA Run away from any debate

In all the coverage of Lord Kinnock and UKMAs absurd proposals to metricate the country's roads spokespersons from the pro perspective were conspicous by their absence.
In all the TV and radio that I did there was no opposition.
The BBC desperately tried to give the story some legs but it fell flat.
Even David Dimbleby's attempt to portray those opposed as 'backward thinking' smacked of George Orwell and 1984.
"Ark at 'im. What's a pint?"
Dimbleby said that he had been approached by a small boy who had asked what a pint was and then related the boy's bemusement when he described a quart and a gallon. He was rather mocking.

Perhaps if I described to a small boy that a litre contained a thousand millilitres and a 50 litre keg of beer would contain 50,000 ml and 10 kegs would contain 500,000ml then I would be met by similar bemusement.

But I have to ask the question as to why David Dimbleby is talking to small boys about pints?

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