Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Metricate the roads ... get real!

To all,

The UK Metrication Association is about to release this...
'Road Signs to Go Metric in 5 Years?'
To read this latest piece of desperate metric propaganda click here . Our response is included.
Our press release will follow.
Meanwhile for those who wish to see how duplicitous the UKMA and its Chairman, Robin Paice, actually are please click here. and see British Weights and Measures Association, John Gardner's excellent expose.

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David said...

I notice they have no facilities to enable a reply to their inate policies.

YES we want a single standerd & that MUST be Imperial measurements...

Anonymous said...

if we get instead of 30 MPH signs, 50 Kmh signs I shall drive at 50 MPH the perfect excuse as I was educated in Imperial Measurements

nuff said?

Anonymous said...

no not really, after all you could re educate yourself it's never to late to learn something new.

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