Friday, February 24, 2006

Council Fists allegedly fly at NCP in Council Car Park

In a report just coming in it appears that all is not well in the Sunderland City Council car park.
It is alleged that a senior Council official was working late last Tuesday and returned to his car parked on Level 3 at 6.30pm to find that it had been broken into. The NCP wardens rarely venture out of their comfortable little cabin and had clearly failed in this instance to spot anyone chucking a brick through a window and relieving the vehicle of some of its contents.
Two Parking Attendants, it is revealed, had actually gone to the shop.
A heated argument ensued on their return, fists flew and one was assualted by the official it is alleged.
The Police were called but the PAs declined to press charges.
The folllowing day the PAs were called into NCP offices to give an account and were told by Senior NCP offials that they must press charges.
Sunderland Council have asked for time to deal with the matter internally.
NCP are jubilant that they now 'have something' on the council.
Will this be another cover-up by the Council?
Who is in charge of the disciplinary inquiry?
Who is the Council Official who claimed to be more important than Earl Belshaw (Head of Parking Services)?

Northumbria Police confirm that they were called to an incident in the car park on Tuesday evening ... 'a verbal altercation and damage to a motor vehicle.'
Sunderland Council and NCP have yet to respond.


Anonymous said...

Sunderland Council has a zero tolerance policy to violence against our staff.

But our staff can assault you and dip their hands into your pocket anywhere and anytime you dare park your car.

Anonymous said...

I park in the civic centre ona regular basis and after 6pm the only place you will find the three parking attendants is either in the cabin or running for a bus

Anonymous said...

on two previous occasions ncp have disciplined staff for leaving the civic centre car park early. it is easy to understand why a motorist would be upset as they pay their money to park and for their car to be safe not abandoned by the staff who are paid to look out for the car thieves. about time ncp made sure their staff do the jobs they are paid to do or for the council to employ a reliable firm to carry out the job in hand.

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