Monday, February 27, 2006

Council ordered to pay back parking tickets

Another victory with massive implications. This one uncovered by Barrie Segal of
To read how this victory could cost councils millions click here


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he talks about a 'legal precident', that can only be the case if the 'tribunal' is in fact a legally constituted court of law.

Neil Herron said...

And this is where they cannot have it both ways. The adjudicators claim to be a court of law ... therefore such decisions can be used as a precedent ... thereby calling into question fines issued by local authorities whose PCNs are unlawfully worded.
If they are not a court of law as they claim but a tribunal funded by one of the parties involved in the dispute then they are not independent. If that is the case then there iss no right of appeal to an independent body.
Bit of a rock and a hard place problem.

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