Monday, February 20, 2006

Wallstrom urges propaganda in schools

At the launch earlier this month of EU Information Commissioner, Margot Wallstrom’s so-called White Paper on the EU's need to gather support for itself, at one point during her speech she called for
“more propaganda for children, to turn them into European citizens instead of national citizens”.

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The Moderator of Margot Wallstrom's blog said...

I'd like to see your evidence for this statement. Her speech is on her website and she said no such thing. You can watch a video of it here if you want:

In contrast, here's what Parliament Magazine had this to say recently:
"Wallstrom was staggered to be attacked for her suggestions that schools and universities should share information on the best materials for teaching students, as part of civic education or European studies, about the EU. She bristles at suggestions in the British tabloid press and by the European Parliament's UK Conservative leader, Timothy Kirkhope, that such lessons would be 'brainwashing'. "I find it absolutely appalling. What do they mean? Should we keep it a secret that these Institutions exist and take decisions that affect the daily lives of all European citizens? We teach people about our national political systems and decision-making structures, of course they have to know about what happens at the European level. Does it even have to be said? You should know about your civic rights. It might even be a good thing if more people knew about CAP because maybe then we could reform it quicker."

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