Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Department for Transport Response to Chris Mullin MP ... Sunderland's Dilemma

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paul caswell said...

neil, your not- so- well- hidden agendas are disappointing. i'm extremely opposed to many of the same things you are, but (and this is why you're going to get nowhere) by suggesting that the system called democracy is ever going to help any of us in any meaningful or important way is simply fraudulent/ dishonest/ call it what you like. and it's no good thinking, 'we have to start somewhere', then taking on the system on a very low level- 'they' will be more than pleased that you're wasting time on trivialities, and not putting your energy into pushing for real change. that's exactly what they're after old son! please have a rethink neil. small, trivial interest groups are not going to save this world from the tossers. it's obvious.

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