Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Metric Road Signs on Royal Estate

Peter Hitchens
Mail on Sunday
19th February 2006

"Does Prince Charles know?

The Crown Estate, which operates the Royal property empire, has installed new speed-limit signs on Kensington Palace gardens - in kilometres per hour.
Officials claim, bizarrely, that this is because many of the diplomats on the road may not understand MPH.
They should be sent home, if so.
How can the poor dears cope when they are out driving anywhere else inBritain?
The British Weights and Measures Association says the signs are illegal and should be taken down. Other metric fanatics have tried to bring in these horrible new measures and then have been forced to remove them.
Perhaps a word from the Palace could avoid any further difficulties?"

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Anonymous said...

oh dear Neil, I fear it wont be long before the people who "Murdered" both Dr David Kelly and Princess Diana pay you a visit

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