Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunderland Echo Letters: A personal agenda?

Sunderland Echo Letters
Friday, February 3rd, 2006

A personal agenda?

Council officers appear to have made a mess of applying the council's policy on car parking. I expect city councillors of all persuasions to get to the bottom of this matter and bring those responsible for failings to account.

I am at a loss to understand mettric martyr Neil Herron's pposition over this issue as he uses every angle of the media to run down Sunderland as though this was a battle in a war he was waging.

Can he be relied upon to separate genuine incompetence from collusion and cover ups? This could be very difficult for someone always seeking causes and sensations.

Can we expect Mr Herron at some time to explain his personal agenda?

Council Watcher


Anonymous said...

If I was Neil,my reply would be "let this be a lesson to all Councils, of the repercussions of attempting to criminialise normal, hardworking people who do not wish to signup to a corrupt and illegal insitutution, that is the EU.

Nor do we like the way that our laws are treated with contempt and that our freedom to go about our daily lives without State interference, is being squandered at every opportunity.

JohnJo said...

A personal agenda? I suppose "if the rule of law is to be applied then it must be applied equally to everyone" would be a suitable response.

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