Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunderland City Council ... nowhere left to turn? Perhaps help from a higher authority?

Sunderland City Council, under massive pressure because of the shambolic introduction of their decriminalised parking enforcement regime; exposure and an admission that all the speed humps and 20mph zones may not be legal and political leadership that would never have vision even with a Specsavers season ticket, may now have an answer to their prayers...literally.

A recent 'Notice Sheet' from a Sunderland Church for 'The Fourth Sunday in Epiphany' includes the following after notices of services.

Please pray for:
  • the persecuted Church in North Korea and Burma.
  • the work of Amnesty International
  • all those who work for Sunderland City Council.

Let's hope that Moses doesn't 'come down from the mountain in his Triumph' to Sunderland as it will probably get flashed going through the illegal speed limits, damage its suspension and exhaust on the illegal road humps and end up with an illegal parking ticket!

As for turning water into wine, apparently this will now only be done in the Councillor's Hospitality Tent at the Sunderland International Airshow as the rest of the area has been declared an alcohol free zone for members of the public.

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