Monday, February 27, 2006

Herron on TalkSPORT

Just done another 2 hour slot and some of the calls were staggering. The issue regarding bailiffs clamping cars is growing as well as the remote policing problems with cloned vehicles. It is quite clear that decriminalised parking and private land parking enforcement is now totally out of control and the only solution is to create political pressure on the Government and legal pressure on the enforcement contractors and local authorities.
Funds are required to drive all of this and keep all the pressure on, so any help will be very much appreciated.


tony rubini said...

brilliant show , i have trouble sleeping at night thats why i am up so late (due to my ailments) , i will be a firm supporter from this day on and thank you for your sterling work, i dont want euro's or metric why dont they leave us alone, we stood alone against the krauts and faught there wars for them now they want to tell us what to do. keep up the fight mate. tony rubini

Anonymous said...

I was just off to sleep when the programme started.
Now I am wide awake and still seething at the injustice of it all.
England has become a scary place to live in.
I am in my late 50s and feel like curling up and hibernating until it's all over.
Common Law was mentioned but how many people realise that we wont have it for much longer.

Corpus Juris is being forced upon us by the EU and the Blairites are slowly making up laws so we will get used to the idea and wont kick up much of a fuss when it arrives.

The terrorism law is the start of it as under Corpus Juris you will be guilty until proved innocent.

Under common law the police are there to protect the people. Under Corpus Juris their aim is to protect the state.
IE government officials from being heckled.

On a lighter note did anyone see the irony of last nights programme when the weather report came on and we were told that six centimeters of snow was on the way.

Errrm can we also have that in inches please Talk Sport.

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